Combining elements of SUP, fitness and yoga, SUPfit introduces you to working out on water, surrounded by nature, with the elements to challenge you, making each workout interesting and never the same. Reaping huge benefits to both mind and body and enjoying the lifestyle that Stand Up Paddle boarding brings.


Take your classes onto the water with our REPS & Skills Active accredited SUP Fitness Instructor and SUP Yoga Teacher Training courses. We provide extensive training using up to date knowledge and the latest developments in Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness, to give you the skills to teach SUP Fitness/Yoga classes in a variety of environments and locations.
With ongoing support and assistance we ensure all our SUPfit Instructors deliver excellent quality classes on the water!

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga involves taking your Yoga practice onto the water using a Stand Up Paddle Board, adding new challenges and giving you a completely new experience, the board being used as an alternative yoga mat. Providing great benefits to the mind and body, this is easy to see when each of the aspects alone gives amazing benefits to health, and together they provide the perfect combination.


SUP Fitness

A new and exciting way to workout on water, dynamic and effective classes on Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP). Different exercises are performed on the board whilst floating on water, your balance will be challenged and fun guaranteed! The intensity of each exercise is increased, ensuring an effective workout with many health and fitness benefits.