It’s time to perfect your technique, learn new skills and enjoy a weekend on the water.

Regardless whether you are a competitive racer or a novice starting out, the Paddle Training Weekend offer something for all levels and guarantee to take your SUPing to the next level.

The weekend will be run by Ryan James and are small group sessions, focused on meeting individual needs and goals. We will be using video coaching to analyse individual technique and fast tracking the learning process.

About Ryan
An extremely talented and experienced SUP racer, Ryan is also highly qualified in fitness and nutrition, boasting an impressive CV in both the paddle world and the fitness industry, from professional athlete to full time lecturer. He has a 17 year career deeply embedded in sports science, health, fitness, rehabilitation and nutrition. Sharing his knowledge and experience we are very happy to have him on the team.

Over the weekend we will be holding sessions on Saturday and Sunday, you can join us for 1 day or both.

Day 1

Paddle Skills and Drills
This is all about the paddle technique. Focusing on the basics and breaking down the paddle stroke to ensure efficient and effective technique. We will also look at equipment including paddle and board set up, fine tuning and fins.

A session all about turning, effective and efficient manoeuvres, getting comfortable on your board, step drills, and buoy turns.

Yoga for SUPers 
Learn how to stretch to prevent injuries and increase performance.

Day 2

Fitness & Advanced Stroke Technique
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great way to keep fit and active. In this session we look at advanced paddle technique to avoid injury and how to maximise your sessions on the water to improve your health and fitness whilst gaining speed.

If you are racing, training or wanting to get started, this is a session for you. Focused on race starts, training plans, nutrition, hydration, race specific intervals, drafting and race tactics.