Take your classes onto the water with our SUP Yoga Teacher Training. We provide extensive training using up to date knowledge and the latest developments in Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, to give you the skills to teach SUP Yoga classes in a variety of environments and locations.

With ongoing support and assistance we ensure all our SUPfit Instructors deliver excellent quality classes on the water!

You will feel every muscle engage, keeping the body balanced and stable on the board, constantly adjusting, allowing for the water moving underneath you. It helps to improve focus and technique, heightening your awareness of your body and postures. You are required to let go of perfection and enjoy the very moment.

Providing great benefits to the mind and body, this is easy to see when each of the aspects alone gives amazing benefits to health, and together they provide the perfect combination.

During your SUP Yoga practice there are modifications and variations. You are able to make your poses more challenging or more stable depending on how you feel. The board will move in response to your weight as you move between the poses, and the water state will move your board and challenge your balance.